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Implementing soft margin SVM algorithm using Gaussian kernel for classification of handwritten digits (3 and 8) with a step by step Matlab code. Contents Parameters Datasets Loading the data Zscore normalization Initialise vectors Compute Gaussian kernel Solve quadprog to find alpha values Calculate near boundary coefficients Get support vector indices Compute bias b Decision function […]

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Dong, J.J., Hwang, W.Y., Shadiev, R. and Chen, G.Y., 2017. Pausing the classroom lecture: The use of clickers to facilitate student engagement. Active Learning in Higher Education, p.1469787417707617. Pausing clickers can be useful to understand student engagement in the classroom by alerting a pause to a lecturer. In this article, the authors investigate the reasons for, when […]

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03 Sep 2018

Short Introduction to Matlab

Learning objectivesTo familiarise yourself with Matlab syntax and some basic commands and to be able to do some basic operations on matrices. Please remember that Matlab has excellent documentation. Try typing ‘help ‘ to  see if that will provide the answers you seek. Also, googling ‘matlab ‘ is helpful most of the times.This part is intended for those […]

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I will be starting a series of article reviews on active learning: Today I would discuss the article written by Katz et al. on Considerations for using personal Wi-Fi enabled devices as “clickers” in a large university class.This work presents an overview of using students personal Wi-Fi enabled devices as clickers in large university teaching […]

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