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05 Mar 2019

There is a growing concern in today’s world as chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases have witnessed considerable growth.This concern stems from the unhealthy lifestyles that people are leading due to excessive workload and their busy life and work schedules. On the other hand, thanks to modern science, there is an […]

Tag: diabetes

Patient Level Analytics Using Self-Organising Maps: A Case Study on Type-1 Diabetes Self-care Survey ResponsesSurvey questionnaires often with contain missing values. While traditional, model-based methods are commonly used by clinicians, I deployed Self Organizing Maps (SOM) as a means to analyse and visualise survey responses.Motivations: Clinicians often conduct surveys to better understand their patients. Surveys […]

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Tag: diabetes

Type-1 diabetes is a major health problem in the present generation with 10% of all the adults are diagnosed with diabetes. There are many factors that must be considered to effectively manage it; daily insulin injections, a healthy diet, regular physical activity as well as others described in Table. Label Self-care factors CBG-Monitor Check blood glucose with […]

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