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16 Oct 2018

Managing a business comes with a lot of risks. When your financial gain depends on people you’ve not met before, unpredictability is to be expected. Although spontaneity is appreciated in many aspects of life, it’s usually not a good tactic when it comes to growing a business. To avoid most risks, businesses employ a convenient […]

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Can you predict who would be interested in buying a caravan insurance policy and give an explanation why?I will use CoIL 2000 challenge dataset, which contains information on customers of an insurance company. The data consists of 86 variables and includes product usage data and socio-demographic data derived from zip area codes.  I will aim […]

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Type-1 diabetes is a major health problem in the present generation with 10% of all the adults are diagnosed with diabetes. There are many factors that must be considered to effectively manage it; daily insulin injections, a healthy diet, regular physical activity as well as others described in Table. Label Self-care factors CBG-Monitor Check blood glucose with […]

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