• 2018
    London, United Kingdom

    outstanding contribution to AI-Postdoc Research


    The prestigious Award, is one awarded annually by the CogX to recognise best-of-the-best individuals/AI products/Companies who have made a significant contribution to their domain in the field of artificial intelligence across the world.
  • Aug-16
    Portsmouth, United Kingdom

    Best Presentation Award


    Received an award for the best presentation at IEEE International Conference on Image, Vision and Computing.
  • May-15
    Surrey, United Kingdom

    Best Research Potential Award

    University of Surrey

    Received for presenting a talk on how to counter spoof fingervein attacks in Biometrics.
  • May-15
    Surrey, United Kingdom

    Outstanding Service Award

    University of Surrey

    Received for organising the 12th PhD computing conference.
  • Jan-13
    Espoo, Finland

    ACE Invention Award

    Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE)

    Received for introducing the concept of real estate price prediction algorithm as a web service.
  • Jan-14
    Surrey, United Kingdom

    Full Studentship Grant

    University of Surrey

    Received a full scholarship for pursuing PhD in Computer Science (£87,000 equivalent to INR 90,48,000 in 2014) from the Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP) and Department of Computer Science, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK.
  • Jan-12
    Espoo, Finland

    Travel Scholarship

    Merenkulun Saatio

    Received scholarship for travelling as well as for conducting research at Department of Energy Technology, Aalto University.
  • Mar-08
    Hyderabad, India

    First Prize Project Display

    CVR College of Engineering

    I won the first prize for inventing Malware doctor (anti-malware software) at the CIENCIA 2K8, a National Level Technical Symposium held on 14 and 15th March 2008 in India.