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We all sometimes struggle calculating simple percentages in our head, whether it is to find how much we could save on a discounted sale or in calculating simple percentage returns on any investment we are likely to make. Nevertheless, this trick from a self-confessed “maths wizard” Ben Stephens, might make it easier than we think. […]

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05 Mar 2019

There is a growing concern in today’s world as chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases have witnessed considerable growth. This concern stems from the unhealthy lifestyles that people are leading due to excessive workload and their busy life and work schedules. On the other hand, thanks to modern science, there is […]

22 Feb 2019

Matlab to Python Numpy Conversion

MATLAB to Numpy Help MATLAB/Octave Python Description doc help -i % browse with Info help() Browse help interactively help help or doc doc help Help on using help help plot help(plot) or ?plot Help for a function help splines or doc splines help(pylab) Help for a toolbox/library package demo Searching available documentation Search help files […]

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