Hounslow, UK



Hello. I am a Data Scientist and a Programmer. I am passionate about coding, cooking as well as driving motor bikes. Welcome to my Personal and Academic profile
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I’m an experienced Data Scientist with a PhD in AI / machine learning, with 8+ years background in predictive analytics, data driven modelling, data visualisation, multivariate data analysis, feature extraction, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision (CV), software / web development and cloud computing.

My present work at Synoptica focuses on developing NLP based novel software-as-a-service AI tools , which enable sales and marketing teams to save their time and sell their products better and faster.

Previously, I was a Research Fellow in “machine learning for healthcare” at the University of Surrey (MRC) – developing ML based AI algorithms and software aimed at improving understanding of chronic diseases such as diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). These models, validated by expert clinicians, give doctors access to actionable predictions about their patients’ chronic conditions. For this work, I was recognised with the CogX 2018 award

In general, I have a broad experience of machine learning, AI and data science across a variety of domains as well as significant leadership and mentoring experience in these areas. Furthermore, I have commercial software engineering experience of putting prototypes into production, liaising with dev and front end teams and just making it work.



My PhD was about machine learning, signal processing and computer vision, and was fully sponsored from the University of Surrey (£87,000). During my PhD, I was recognised with three awards including the “Excellent Oral Presentation” from IEEE ICIVC , news articles on the same can be found here and I also won the “Best Research Potential” and “Outstanding Service” awards.



I have significant experience in Python, MATLAB, Apache Solr/Lucene, SQL, Linux, GIT, Agile, AWS and web/software application development. I also write grant proposals and research articles https://goo.gl/5gdZ4U.