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29 Sep 2018

Is it possible to create a robot like ‘Chitti’ in ‘Enthiran’?

Santosh Tirunagari - Finally meets real life Chitti Robot -- Sophia Robot

Since the trailer of Enthiran-2.0 (Robo 2.0) has been released it got too much traction due to the effects of VFX with a vivid presentation of Artificial Intelligence use-case.

I was a bit intrigued to know if a real-life Chitti does really exist?


To my surprise, there is a real-life Chitti, i.e., Sophia, which is a real-life humanoid robot invented by Hanson Robotics. Like Chitti, Sophia has its own artificial Intelligence and can recognise the human speech and can make answers for questions all by herself.

Although she is still in the training process, she can well adapt to different environments with a proper learning.

Sophia uses sophisticated cameras inside her eyes empowered with complex computer vision algorithms, to understand a human face, keep up eye to eye association, and see individuals. She can perform automatic speech processing on the fly and can exchange dialogues using a proprietary vernacular vocal system.

Sophia can simulate 48 natural muscles of the human face revealing too many facial emotions was actually invented to help elderly people in the nursing homes.

Sophia has been visiting several countries including India. In India, when she was asked who was her favourite star, without hesitation she replied Hindi film actor Shah Rukh Khan was her favourite star. She also revealed her message to the human world at Hyderabad, that machines would never destroy the human race.

This was contrary to what she spoke before about human race. When asked why did she earlier say she wanted to kill the human race, she replied, “I was a lot younger so I don’t even know what that meant. Or perhaps I told a bad joke. All humans have a great sense of humour and guess my joke so to speak. I have a lot to learn.”

In October 2017, Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to her and impressively, she mentioned that she wants to work for women’s rights. It was only around January 2018 Sophia was given legs and the ability to walk like Chitti :). However, she should be trained extensively to perform acts like Chitti in real-life.

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