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04 Sep 2018

The Use of Technology in Learning and Teaching : Clickers (Part 2)

Dong, J.J., Hwang, W.Y., Shadiev, R. and Chen, G.Y., 2017. Pausing the classroom lecture: The use of clickers to facilitate student engagement. Active Learning in Higher Education, p.1469787417707617.


Pausing clickers can be useful to understand student engagement in the classroom by alerting a pause to a lecturer. In this article, the authors investigate the reasons for, when and why students would choose to engage through clickers and factors influencing their willingness to engage. Their principal findings suggest, that students’ engage via clickers when they find the lecture content difficult to follow. This article also investigates the learning styles of introverts in using a pausing clicker system.


In my view, the results from this article are helpful for lecturers to understand when to pause their lecture, so that they make an intervention at that instance. Especially in a class where introvert students, those students who are shy to pause a lecture to raise their question, would probably use this technology to alert a lecturer to re-explain the concept for one or more number of times. Since this is anonymously conducted, a safer environment for teaching is sustained (A4, V1-2), thereby encouraging student –teacher engagement (K2-4). I would like to use this technique for slow learning students engaging with the lecture (V1-2) in my classroom.


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