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12 Jul 2018

I won the CogX award for inventing AKI detection Algorithm


Education is the best weapon through which you can change the society — Nelson Mandela

In otherwords, educateds can change the society, through their education. For me, my aspiration always has been to contribute for the betterment of the society. Since, my education was in machine learning, I have used this technology to develop softwares/algorithms focussing on understanding chronic diseases including Diabetes and Kidney diseases with a view to forming actionable predictions. The software algorithm I developed as a part of my post-doc career are now being used by few clinicians worldwide including the UK and also in developing nations like India at a free cost.


cogX award winner Santosh Tirunagari


This algorithm will be useful for primary care centres to early diagnose their patients condition automatically, before deteriorating into chronic stages of kidney disease. Diagnostic labs in developing countries, could use for monitoring their customers progress and letting them know of any immediate precautions to consider. Dialysis centres for obtaining real time updates on their patients who are at the end-stage of their kidney failure. Insurance companies as well as pharmaceutical industries might have its use for commercial purposes.

The algorithm is a state of the art machine learning algorithm specially tailored and customised for this particular problem. This has involved working closely with a core set of computational and clinical researchers, expert consultant nephrologists and also with an extended group of external clinical advisers and contributors. Thus the AI models in this algorithm are well validated from expert clinicians before releasing it online.

It could help hospitaks to monitor CKD patients remotely, reduce the human effort (and cost) in identifying the patients manually. It also improves the understanding of the eGFR trends (Kidney functions) for patient population over the time. On the whole, it helps NHS to save its money and their clinicians valuable time. In developing nations like India, Nigeria, patients can track their own kidney functions and their health over time. Labs can monitoring their patients kidney function and report hospitals for immediate actions. Insurance companies in the USA may use this product for tracking their clients health and pharma companies may use it for analysing their clinical trials and its effect on kidneys.

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