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The effect of social media, especially Facebook (FB) on college students’ engagement: Junco, R., 2012. The relationship between the frequency of Facebook use, participation in Facebook activities, and student engagement. Computers & Education, 58(1), pp.162-171.   In order to determine the link between frequency of Facebook use, participation in Facebook activities, and student engagement, Junco, investigates […]

O’Callaghan, F.V., Neumann, D.L., Jones, L. and Creed, P.A., 2017. The use of lecture recordings in higher education: A review of institutional, student, and lecturer issues. Education and Information Technologies, 22(1), pp.399-415.   Online lectures are being utilised progressively in our higher education, thanks to tools like Panopto. One generally utilised technique is the recording of lectures […]

Santosh Tirunagari - Finally meets real life Chitti Robot -- Sophia Robot

Since the trailer of Enthiran-2.0 (Robo 2.0) has been released it got too much traction due to the effects of VFX with a vivid presentation of Artificial Intelligence use-case. I was a bit intrigued to know if a real-life Chitti does really exist?   To my surprise, there is a real-life Chitti, i.e., Sophia, which […]

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Implementing soft margin SVM algorithm using Gaussian kernel for classification of handwritten digits (3 and 8) with a step by step Matlab code. Contents Parameters Datasets Loading the data Zscore normalization Initialise vectors Compute Gaussian kernel Solve quadprog to find alpha values Calculate near boundary coefficients Get support vector indices Compute bias b Decision function […]

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